Schoolhouse Green Apartments

Falmouth, MA

This affordable housing project on a 4 acre site consists of 2 new buildings with 39 apartment units, a renovated historic schoolhouse now used as commercial space, and a small public park bordering the street.

The design provides small individual yard spaces associated with apartment patios while conveying the sense of unity and flow within the landscape as a whole. This balance between public and private space was key for incorporating pre-existing pedestrian circulation patterns between neighboring apartments and the nearby stores, fostering neighborhood use of the walkways while maintaining privacy for tenants.

A small public park was created as a buffer between the apartments and the main road and to provide some open space in the heart of a busy commercial district. The walkway through the park peels gently off from the main sidewalk providing pedestrians with an alternate parallel route to be enjoyed briefly or a quiet space to sit for a bit longer.

Fennick McCredie Architecture

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