Goshen Marsh

Goshen, MA

This project, on a 90 acre piece of land in Western Massachusetts, involved designing a footpath and boardwalk network to provide access to an exceptionally beautiful landscape while preserving the ecological integrity of the wetland.

A 180' footbridge links two portions of upland habitat while also providing a docking area for canoes and a viewing platform for close range experience of the marsh. The footbridge was constructed of hemlock posts harvested from the site and installed using minimally invasive techniques.

We worked closely with local conservation agents to develop a boardwalk design that would minimize the impact on the beavers, otters, and wild fowl who inhabit the site. The boardwalk is high enough to account for spring floods and water levels that fluctuate with the cycles of the beaver population without being so high that it becomes a visually dominant feature in the landscape.

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