Gifford Street Office

This mixed-use site located on a small lot in downtown Falmouth was more typical of an urban project in terms of spatial constraints and the demand on the landscape to function in multiple ways. The 900 sf front yard needed to provide parking for 3 cars, privacy from the street and an inviting arrival space for therapy clients.

Plant species were selected to maximize screening, spatial definition, and visual interest in the limited space. A Leyland Cypress hedge and River Birches provide separation from the street and mitigate the scale of the surrounding buildings. Winterberry Holly and ornamental grasses create a rich palette of gold and red in fall and winter, and a perennial bed along the edge of the parking court brings color and layering throughout the spring and summer. The variety and scale of the plantings combined with the texture of the cobble paving create a richly textured, well-ordered courtyard in the midst of surrounding parking lots and busy streets. When the space is not needed for office parking it is enjoyed as a courtyard garden by the owner.

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