Our perception of landscape resonates most powerfully on an intuitive level. With this in mind, Groundworks strives to create spaces that communicate an inherent sense of place before our minds begin to identify the individual elements at play.

The process begins by discussing a client's design objectives, lifestyle and budget considerations. We then proceed with an analysis of the site in terms of topography, vegetation, microclimate, and other environmental characteristics. Our goal is to use the natural conditions to their best potential in developing a sustainable design that responds to the requirements of the client. How this is achieved varies with each project. Sometimes it is a process of modifying or renovating existing conditions and sometimes it entails significant transformation of a site. Most often it is a combination of approaches.

Groundworks embraces a simple, clean aesthetic and the graceful interweaving of architecture, landscape and nature. Individual elements are accentuated through detailing, reiteration, contrast and transition, while being subtly integrated into a larger spatial ordering to create an enduring sense of place.

Central to our design approach is the belief that getting the "bones" of a site right is essential for the success of any project. We consider the ground plain as a sculptural entity, the underlying structure that most defines the character of a landscape. We work towards a carefully graded site plan that works well both functionally and aesthetically. These contours become the fundamental structure into which we integrate all other elements of a project.

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